The Ministry of Defense improves the mechanism for the formation and implementation of the State Defense Order

This was announced by deputy director of the Department of military-technical policy, development of armaments and military equipment of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Colonel Vladislav Shostak during a briefing at the press center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.
The representative of the Department of Military-Technical Policy, Arms and Military Development of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine informed that one of the areas of improvement of the mechanism for the formation and implementation of the state defense order and the purchase of new weapons and military equipment is the fulfillment of tasks within the framework of the Committee of Reforms of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, aimed at implementing the Action Plan for the implementation of defense reform in 2016-2020.

– In particular, the working group # 4 “Improving the Mechanism for the Formation and Implementation of the State Defense Order and Procurement of New Arms Forms” of Subcommittee No. 2 “Implementation of Reforms on Effective Policies and Planning” of the Committee for Reforms is tasked with the implementation of the Operational Objective “Improving the Mechanism for the Formation and Implementation of State Defense Order “within the framework of” Effective policy, planning and resource management systems in the defense sector using modern Euro-Atlantic approaches “, – said the colonel Vladislav Shostak.

According to him, the content of the task is the need to ensure, by the end of 2020, the formation of a state defense order for a three-year period, with the possibility of annual adjustment of its indicators, the introduction of the latest technologies for the production of military equipment, the creation of closed cycles of development and production of major types of weapons, military and special the achievement of complete independence of production from the supply of equipment, components and materials from the Russian Federation.

– In order to continue work in a definite direction and provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with state-of-the-art weapons and military equipment from the leading countries of the world, appropriate work has been organized to improve the system of state control in order to bring it in line with the requirements and standards of NATO member states regarding defense of defense technologies and control for their ultimate use, “said Colonel Vladislav Shostak.

According to him, work on obtaining the right of defense agencies and other state customers to conclude contracts (contracts) on the procurement of weapons-related equipment for import, which will enable the Ministry of Defense to directly conclude state contracts in the framework of military-technical cooperation, and to simplify the procedure for supplying the Armed Forces to the Armed Forces NATO member states.

– In addition, the domestic defense department approved the transition to an integrated system of procurement of weapons, which provides for an increase in the share of procurement of conventional weapons under an open procedure, Col. Vladislav Shostak emphasized.


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