PJSC «KZVB» (KRAMATORSK FACTORY OF HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD MACHINERY) – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machine tools.

Technical equipment, qualified engineering and technical personnel of the enterprise allow producing a wide range of modern equipment, improved models of machines with the use of modern components and numerical control systems, as well as spare parts and equipment for metallurgy, mining, engineering and energy.

The enterprise underwent extensive reconstruction and modernization of production. The most up-to-date high-tech equipment has been acquired by the high-performance machining centers of the world’s leading manufacturers: TOS-KURlM milling machining centers FRFQ 350-VR / A12 and WALDRICH SIEGEN mod. PF-H-125-150; Milling and boring machining center IVIECOF modSvbO; Boring machining center RAMA mod. Speedram 2000; GIORIA OD / ID grinding machine model R / 163 – 5000 х 500 with CNC and other process equipment, thanks to which PJSC “KZTS” significantly expanded its technological capabilities, which allowed to establish together with foreign partners the production of modern wind power plants.

The structure of PJSC “KZTS” includes the following subdivisions:

Mechanical assembly production allows the use of highly efficient technologies and mechanical machining of parts, machines and mechanisms of various classes and sizes: turning, turning, turning, milling, gear-milling, coordinate-boring; Gearing, gear grinding, planing, grooving, grinding and drilling holes.

The machine park of the company includes equipment that allows turning products with a diameter of up to 4000 mm and a length of up to 20 meters, grinding products with a diameter of 1000 mm and a length of up to 5000 mm; On turning lathes there is a possibility to process details up to 5000 mm in diameter, up to 2500 mm in height. Hobbing machines allow to cut teeth up to 45 modules.

The foundry site of the mechanical assembly production manufactures shaped castings of cast iron СЧ15, С420, СЧЗО АЧС-1 with a mass of up to 12 tons, and up to 7.5 tons of cast iron VC500-2, ЧХ 0.5.

The company has extensive experience in the production of cold plates from cast iron grade CHX 0.5 for the lining of blast furnaces.

It is also possible to make castings from bronze 05TS5S5, A9Zh4L, OYuF1, 010F0.5 and aluminum AK7 weighing up to 100 kg,

The model site produces models of any complexity for production needs.

The equipment of the heat treatment and electroplating section allows performing the following operations: annealing, normalization, gas carburizing, nitriding, HDF, chemical oxidation, galvanizing, chromium plating.

Assembly and welding production produces a wide range of medium- and large-sized metal structures from thin and thick plates, round and long products, bent pipes and shells.

As part of the modernization of the plant, a new assembly and welding line has been installed, consisting of a four-shaft bending machine Faccin 4HEL / S3170, a machine for assembling and welding the shells of PEMA 80000HTMLS and the CAB 460C welding crane.