League of Defense Companies of Ukraine

The decision to create a non-governmental organization Ukrainian companies and organizations that are producers / developers defense products and dual-use was made during the XIII International Specialized Exhibition “Defense and Security 2016” leaders of several dozen such structures. Currently completed legal registration of the association called “League of Defense Companies of Ukraine” (hereinafter – League).
Creating League due to the intention to unite the efforts of private enterprises of the defense industry around improving internal cooperation, developing an effective public-private partnership in the military-industrial sphere, implementation of joint efforts to improve the marketing of defense products of private enterprises both inside the state and the markets foreign countries. The main focus of the League determined participation of its members in the efficient and qualitative rearmament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

League plans to collaborate with the Government of Ukraine and all the Ukrainian military-industrial structures, as well as a direct communication with the same defense industry associations of foreign countries that are world practice. In order to develop communications plans League for the first time in Ukraine’s history to create a register of promising developments of arms and military equipment.
It should be stressed that at this time the number of domestic private enterprises of the defense industry already exceeds the number of state enterprises. That private enterprises produce two-thirds of state defense products and the flexibility of the private sector suggests that these are high-tech industries are able to become the locomotive of the national economy.
In connection with the definitions League in favor of a gradual change in the former Soviet mechanisms and procedures in the domestic arms market. Namely, towards the establishment of equal rights for private and public companies, certain changes in the legal framework that regulates the functioning of the defense industry. Another focus of the efforts of the League will be the creation of conditions for investment in the latest state of development and production of arms and military equipment and to encourage states to partnership projects with state guarantees of procurement in the state defense order (subject to compliance with technical specifications). As well as creating new conditions for the use of military-technical cooperation to establish joint productions with foreign companies, attracting new technologies in Ukraine and to attract investments leading companies.
League Ukraine envisages presenting alternatives authorities of Ukraine defense based on advanced western experience.

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