«Sivertex» JSC

Tent US-68 winter unitized model 1968 is designed for placing of military units personnel, units of hospitals, headquarters and workshops in the field.

Tent US-68 has twin-wheel roof, vertical walls, two entrances with wind porches, six windows on the walls, a chimney hole, two tents, hanging wall insulation and tackle set for installation.

The main tent sizes:

Title indicators Outsidetent Insidetent
1 Length, m 5,22 5,0
2 Width, m 5,47 5,2
3 Height side wall, m 1,74 1,73
4 The height of  the roof  ridge, m 3,00 2,85
5 The floor area, m2 26
6 The cubic capacity of the air, m3 50


The number of people that can be placed in a tent:

on berth – 10 people;

placing the wounded on stretchers – 12 people;

placing people on the floor – 18 persons;

on medical stalls – 24 people.

The tent weight no more than 361 kg.