«Plant «Kuznya on Rybalsky» PJSC


PJSC «Plant «Kuznya on Rybalsky» is a shipbuilder of river armored artillery boat “GYURZA” meant for patrol and protection of borders and river basins.

1. Type and purpose

River armored artillery boat (RAAB)

  • Patrol service of border river, lakes and maritime littoral zones
  • Fight with small size boats of smugglers and trespassers
  • Fight with small size protected coastal targets (ATV, bunker shelters)
  • Protection of vital stationary and floating hydroengineering constructions
  • Securing of operations of intelligence and diversionary groups
  • Navigational escort of detached vessels on internal waterways
  • Protection of seafaring safety on international and internal waterways

2. Main technical dimensions and characteristics

Length overall
Width   overall
Side height by middle
Draft by full displacement
Displacement, t
Speed on deep and quiet water at 15ºC
Full ahead
Cruising range
At economic speed
Boat endurance with foodstuffs
20,70 m
18,00 m
3,90 m
2,25 m
0,70 m

34,41 t
38,38 t
39,91 t

27,80 knots
11,00 knots

450 miles
5 days

3. Tank capacity

Fuel oil
Fresh water
3,0 t
0,15 t

4. Crewmembers

Officer (midshipman)
Sergeant and sailors
1 person
4 persons
5 persons

5. Habitability

Boat crew accommodates in double-birth cabin (for officer + reserve) and cabin for 4 persons. Boat equipped with galley and foodstuffs storeroom with 1 refrigerator for food preparing. Also boat equipped with shower room, toilet and awning equipment

6. Landing capacity

RAAB meant for accommodation of intelligence and landing group (6-8 persons) with light caliber gun.

7. Operation standards

RAAB “Gyurza” complies with following standards:

  • International convention of human protection SOLAS-74 with Protocol 1978 and amendments 1981, 1988, 1995, 1996.
  • International convention of marine pollution prevention MARPOL- 73/ 78
  • Other international, national and regional rules according to demands of Buyer.

8. Armaments

Boat armaments consist of two modified conning towers БМП-2 and БTР-70

9. Navigational equipment

RAAB equipped with navigation radar M- 1933 CNT bk2 FURUNO for above-water targets detection and for navigational tasks solution,
Echo sounder and magnetic compass Mini-C for navigation provided.
GPS j NAV –500 satellite receiver-indicator of location coordinates to be installed additionally.

10. Communication devices

RAAB “Gyurza” equipped with following communication devices for communication with bases, ships, civil vessels and land forces:

  • SW transceiver Harris RF-5800H-MP 005 (60 W)
  • SW transceiver Barrett-950 (35 W)
  • VHF transceiver Motorola GP- 360 (25 W)
  • VHF transceiver Motorola P- 173 M  (for land forces connection)
  • TL antenna systems

11. Watch facility

RAAB equipped with “COBA” retrieval system with stabilized vision for search, identification of  coastal above-water targets in daytime and nighttime and for transmitting of target search data to armaments installed in conning towers.
For all-round searching with closed armored porthole covers provided tank searching devices TNP-B

12. Protection

RAAB structurally is the boat with citadel armored protection scheme covered the wheelhouse, engine room, artillery section, tower barbettes meant for protection of bullets with caliber 5,56 (SS-109 patron – NATO standard) and bullets caliber 7,62 mm of 1943.

13. Propulsion system

Main engines
Main propulsion system consists of 2 diesel engines with reverse transmission reducers 650 kW with rotation speed 2300 r/h
Shaft lines and engines
RAAB equipped with 2 shaft lines. Each of them consists of propeller shaft, main bearings, stern tube arrangement and two bronze 3-blade FPP propellers. To avoid any possible damages of propellers in shallow waters they installed in special hull tunnels above BL

14. Power plant

RAAB equipped with one diesel-generator , 220 V, 50 Hz and 2 DC generators 10kW, 27 V hanged on main engines. Boat equipped with one 4kW static transformer for 27V DC consumption. For DC network service in harbor and emergency situation (also for diesel-generator start), RAAB equipped with battery consisted of 4 accumulators.

15. Lightings, alarm and signal lights

RAAB equipped with main (internal and external) lightings 220V, autonomic source emergency lighting from, signal lights, one signal projector МСНП-125M and one search projector with remote control.

16. Inventory equipment and SPT

Boat equipped with inventory munition, spare parts, tools and devices. Part of inventory munition and tools are onboard of boat and part stores ashore.