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Project 1124M CORVETTE


The Corvette is intended for operation in maritime and littoral zones for carrying-out as follows:

  1. patrol and defense of littoral regions, marine military bases, ports, harbors, vessel mooring territories, economical zone and sea borders;
  2. antisubmarine patrol and submarine control;
  3. screening of civil vessels convoys and vessels on maritime march and harboring;
  4. fight with floatage targets.

The Corvette is designed and constructed for long-term exploitation in maritime conditions.

The corvette may be equipped with anti-vessel rocket complex EXOCET MM 40 Block 2 or HARPOON RGM – 84C Block 1B (8 rockets) for termination of naval targets on the distance of 120 km.


Length max, m 71.12
Beam max, m 10.15
Depth of side in middle, m 05.85
Depth max on max tonnage including depth of in body hydro acoustic complex fairing, m 05.64
Speed. knots 31.00
Economic speed, knots 14.00
Cruising range with economic speed and maximal fuel consumption, miles about 2900