CJSC «AV-Pharma»

The company appeared on the Ukrainian market more than 20 years ago and today is included in the list of leading manufacturers of first-aid kits in Ukraine.

From the very beginning, we strove to become useful for you and create products that really can facilitate the delivery of first medical care and save lives.

Then, in the distant 90s, AV-PHARMA was created with the goal of exporting and importing medications and medical devices. We have long seen a company in this segment, but when it came time to come to the rescue, it was decided to accept the challenge. And since 2014, AV-PHARMA CJSC has been manufacturing tactical medicine products: hemostatic tourniquets, bandages for tamponade, bandaging bandages, and completing military first-aid kits and other tactical medicine tools.

The company actively participates in international and national exhibitions, such as “Arms and Security”, the International Industrial Forum and the like.

We will develop, constantly improve the quality of goods and move only forward, opening up new formats of cooperation, new markets and areas for AV-PHARMA products.

Products of the enterprise