JSC «HC «Ukrspetstekhnika»

Ukrspetstekhnika Holding Company has been operating in the telecommunications and electronic technologies market since 1989. Experience, creative success and talent have allowed us to win one of the leading positions in Ukraine in the development, creation and supply of a wide range of complex electronic and other military and special equipment.

The holding company unites a number of enterprises, including:


“Ukrspetstekhnika – system”

“Ukrspetstekhnika – complex”

“Information Center”

“Special Mechanics”


The main activities of the holding and its enterprises are the development, design, manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of special electronics, high-tech and science-intensive weapons, telecommunications.

The main products of HC “Ukrspetstekhnika” are:

radar complexes;
automated control systems;
information systems;
system integration;
means and complex systems of information protection;
communication systems and means;
security systems for borders, bases, arsenals and especially important objects;
special electronics.

Since 1997, HC Ukrspetstekhnika has been solving the task of modernizing and restoring the air defense radar resource. To date, the company has launched work on the modernization of radar stations for the air defense, air force and navy of Ukraine. Specialists of the enterprise carry out research and development work to create special equipment and specialized element base. The development of advanced technologies in the field of radar signal processing has made it possible to create new models of special equipment.

Тhe company is working to create on a modern element base and with the use of advanced information technology automated combat control systems of units and units of air defense, air force and navy in the process of combat duty and solving air defense problems of the state. Since 2001 HC Ukrspetstechnika is a member of the Association of Air Defense Enterprises “Sky of Ukraine”.

To ensure a high technical level of products and services at the enterprise created a highly effective system of quality control and management at the stages of development, production and production of finished products. All products of the enterprise meet the requirements of the international standards of the ISO 9000 series.




Products of the enterprise