LLC «Special Textile Group» (STG)


Special Textile Group (STG) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional textiles in Ukraine.

Our fabrics are manufactured on state-of-the-art equipment jointly with the world’s leading textile manufacturers. Special Textile Group (STG) is the exclusive representative of Sapphire Finishing Mills, Pakistan and Daletec, Norway in Ukraine.

Many years of experience in this business and implementation of innovative technologies allowed us to achieve a breakthrough in developing a new level of protection and create a textile with unique characteristics.

For more than 10 years, leading Ukrainian industrial enterprises have been choosing our materials to manufacture certified special-purpose clothing.

We are not just a manufacturing and sales company – we are the pacesetters when it comes to new quality standards for special-purpose clothing. Today, STG is in constant search of new ideas and optimal solutions for the Ukrainian market of special-purpose clothing. Special Textile Group means unique offers that fully meet expectations and needs of our customers and partners, innovations and influence over formation of new standards for special-purpose clothing. Our company has ready solutions for energy, steelmaking, oil and gas, mechanical engineering, food processing and agricultural enterprises.

Our materials underwent vigorous tests, and are successfully used to make special-purpose clothing for all sectors of the Ukrainian economy.

The broad range of our products allows to meet the most demanding needs of our customers. A sophisticated supply system and interaction between the company’s units ensure constant availability of textiles in stock.

We employ an expert approach to accomplishment of serious production tasks concerning occupational and industrial safety. Every day, our specialists provide professional support to our customers, develop standards and participate in testing of new materials at companies procuring special-purpose clothing.

Our goal is to increase occupational safety and be a first-choice expert in textiles for our customers.

Contact our sales department to buy fabrics for special-purpose clothing wholesale from our warehouse in Kharkiv. We have always available in stock, in large quantities and in a variety of colors:

– 100% cotton fabrics for special-purpose clothing protecting against general industrial contamination and impact;

– 100% cotton fabrics for special-purpose clothing worn by electricians, gas workers, etc.;

– 100% cotton fire-retardant fabrics for special-purpose clothing worn by welders, steelworkers, firefighters;

– blended fabrics for special-purpose clothing protecting against general industrial contamination and impact;

– antistatic fabrics for special-purpose clothing worn by gasoline filling station personnel and workers of the oil and gas industry;

– fabrics for leased special-purpose clothing;

– camouflage fabrics compliant with NATO, Ukraine Defense Ministry and Ukraine Interior Ministry standards;

– Alfa Maritex technical heat-resistant, fire-retardant fabrics offering thermal insulation in extreme heat.

We are also able to deliver, in the shortest possible time, the fabric for special-purpose clothing you need, of the required color and in the required quantity, on exclusive terms. Our logistics specialists will select the most convenient and cost-effective options of delivering your order to any place in Ukraine.





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