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LCC «SPE «Athlon Avia»

Athlon Avia Scientific – Production Enterprise produces the best UAS since 2013 and is a leader in the field of unmanned systems in Ukraine. Our solutions have clear terms of reference and designed to perform tactical military missions, including intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, reconnaissance, and artillery fire adjustment. For several years, the Unmanned Aviation System of artillery […]

LLC «SPE «Active Spets Prom»

LLC SPE “ACTIVE SPETS PROM” has the opportunity to fulfill orders for repair of specialized military equipment, our company has its own production facilities, unique high-tech equipment for the production of tracked belts, highly qualified technical staff for quality repair of military equipment and machinery and its own field crews to perform the above work. […]

Ltd «Divex»

DIVEX Ltd company is one of the largest Ukrainian companies offering high-quality products of well-known foreign manufacturers in the domestic diving equipment market. The company’s main activity has been focused on diving industry.   DIVEX Ltd is the official supplier and distributor of a wide range of diving equipment for special underwater operations units, rescue […]

LLC «Dneprovsky Special Tubes Plant»

The Plant, built in 2003, is the modern enterprise that produces annually about 200.000 meters of special tubes of different grade in a diameter range from 0.23 up to 159.0 mm and wall thickness from 0.05 up to 9.0 mm. Over the years, DSTP has established a reputation as a reliable, dynamically developing producer with […]

PJSC «STE «Electronprylad»

Public Joint Stock Company STC «Electronprilad» (formerly known branch of ASTC «Antonov», KBKP, NGO «Electronpribor», STC «Electronprilad») in accordance with the order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR №2932 from 20.10.1962 was founded in 1962 on the basis of the department ASTC «Antonov» automated control systems by a talented designer and organizer Igor […]

PJSC «Plant «Kuznya on Rybalsky»

Currently, as a result of the restructuring of management, continuous work on improvement of technical equipment, availability of skilled professionals, plant “Lenin’s smithy” offers its clients and guarantees the construction of a tight schedule the following types of ships: -speed patrol boats with a displacement of 10 – 120 m small patrol boats with a […]

LCC «Special Equipment Plant»

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT PLANT LLC specializes in manufacture, reequipping, equipping, scheduled maintenance and overhaul, service maintenance of commercial and special vehicles, as well as special equipment for various purposes. SPECIAL EQUIPMENT PLANT LLC entered the market of commercial vehicles in 2015. The company employs specialists who have been working for more than 22 years in the […]

LCC «Sivertex»

Sivertex LLC is one of the leading enterprises of light and chemical industry in Ukraine. The company specializes in the manufacture of uniforms for public military services (cloth coats, raincoats, jackets and trousers, semi-woolen, uniforms and trousers, warm field suits, warm jackets, hats, earmuffs, caps, hats, panama, etc.); manufactures overalls for enterprises, organizations, schools, as […]

LCC «Infocom Ltd»

INFOCOM LTD applies innovative technologies and solutions to automate production processes, optimize operations and improve safety at industrial enterprises. We help enterprises become more efficient. What are we doing We specialize in the application of innovative technologies, energy distribution solutions and implementation of software products that provide automation and complete information about current processes. Our […]

LLC «Latek»

Latek LLC is the largest non-governmental weapons production plant in Ukraine. Latek heads the armed division of the Safari concern and is engaged in the production and sale of weapons (pneumatic, traumatic, Flaubert’s cartridge, smoothbore hunting and sports firearms), sports equipment and inventory. We have completely modified our production. The LATEK plant works on new […]

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