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LCC «Design Bureau «Logika»

Design Bureau LOGIKA LLC specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of a wide range of training simulators for defense and civilian use. Being the leading supplier of simulation software and equipment for Ukrainian Armed Forces, LOGIKA proved to be a reliable partner for the army at war. With the careful choice of the best […]

LLC «Маrket-Маts»

Lviv LLC “MARKET-MATS” develops stationary, dynamic and procedural simulators of aircraft (MiG-29, L-39) and helicopters (Mi-24P), as well as hardware and software components of simulators. The main activities of “MARKET-MATS” are: development, manufacture and support in the process of operation of simulators and simulation systems, including in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of […]

LCC «RPC«Метеcol»

  Research-and-production company “METECOL” was created in 1993. Mainstreams of activity of the company: Development and serial production of medical equipment; Development and production of technical means of instruction. The RPC “МЕТЕCОL” serially produces the following medical equipment of its’ own production: The diagnostic automatical complex ” CARDIO+ “; The Cardiodephibrillator-monitor portable with universal feeding […]