The main areas of activity of «MARKET-MATS» are:

  • development, manufacturing and support in the process of exploitation of simulators and systems of simulation, including in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine;
  • development, manufacturing and support in the process of operation of digital devices and information systems, built-in and distributed control systems;
  • development of application software of various purposes;
  • design, installation and layout of object security alarm systems;
  • design, installation and commissioning of integrated security systems, television video surveillance systems and access control systems.

Of the products of its own production “MARKET-MATS” you can distinguish the following: 

  • simulators for various types of military and civil engineering;
  • the core of distributed data collection and management systems built using the standard CAN interface (ISO 11898);
  • software encryption-decryption of text information;
  • CAN Serial Controller;
  • address module for input-output of digital and analog information;
  • dynamic platforms;
  • means of transmission, branching and amplification of a DVI type video interface;
  • a series of specialized TFT monitors.