«Plant «Kuznya on Rybalsky» PJSC

Currently, as a result of the restructuring of management, continuous work on improvement of technical equipment, availability of skilled professionals, plant “Lenin’s smithy” offers its clients and guarantees the construction of a tight schedule the following types of ships:

  • -speed patrol boats with a displacement of 10 – 120 m
  • small patrol boats with a displacement of 400 – 500 m for the protection of closed seas and distant coastal
  • patrol vessel of the high seas with a displacement of 1600 – 1800 m
  • Fishing vessels up to 4000 kW
  • harbor tugs and tugs, rescue workers, garbage trucks and fire trial
  • Universal dry cargo vessels and container ships carrying up to 4500 m
  • tankers, chemical tankers with deadweight up to 5000 m
  • Court of technical fleet: dredges, dredgers gruntootvoznye scows
  • propelled Barges
  • Floating docks capacity 2500 – 3000 m
  • hulls for different purposes

Along with shipyard shipyard has a highly developed machine-building industry, which has the following areas:

  • Foundry specializes in the manufacture of castings of steel, cast iron and nonferrous metals
  • boiler manufacturing, which manufactured marine auxiliary automated boilers and furnaces (incinerators) for the incineration of waste and marine debris
  • Manufacture of propeller shafts and controllable pitch propellers
  • Manufacturing freezers designed for freezing of products such as fish, meat, vegetables, etc.
  • Pumps and The electric centrifugal units, designed for irrigation and water supply of residential and public buildings

Throughout its history the plant was repeatedly upgraded and constantly expanding the range of manufactured products.

highly qualified personnel with extensive experience, will provide manufacturing of products of any complexity.

company is constantly visited by delegations and individual businessmen from various countries, which allows to expand business contacts.

all customers guarantee world-class products.