PJSC «Kryukov Railway Car Building Works»

“Kryukov Railway Car Building Works” Public Joint Stock Company (“KRCBW” PJSC) is located on the right riverside of Dnieper in Kremenchug, Poltava Region, Ukraine. On area of more than 100 hectares there are spread out buildings of shops and administrative buildings, laboratories and testing areas, engineering centres and power communications. The enterprise commences its genealogy […]

«EPOS» Ltd.

Data recovery EPOS Data Recovery Center is a recognized leader in the field of data recovery and data protection on storage devices. Our experience of more than 17 years, our qualified staff and professional tools guarantee that maximum of the lost data is recovered. Information security EPOS offers a wide range of solutions and services […]

«Dolya&Co. LTD»

DOLYA & CO. LTD is the leading Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of AGENT® radio communications and implements complete solutions in construction of professional radio communication systems produced by MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS. We provide a wide variety of mission-critical communication solutions to aid law enforcement, fire, EMS, government and professional radio users and communication professionals in successfully […]

«Telecard-Pribor» Ltd.

“Telecard-Pribor” Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Ukraine with closed cycle of production: from design of the equipment and software for specific purposes to training of customer’s engineers as well as complex maintenance of the equipment. The enterprise consists of the following primary structures: – instrument making plant – special design engineering bureau […]

«XZSIZ» (Kharkiv Plant of Personal Protective Equipment)

«XZSIZ» (Kharkiv Plant of Personal Protective Equipment) (brands Rarog, Predator, Plastoon, Helga) ― one of the largest producers of personal protective equipment (bulletproof vests) for army, police and civilian needs. Under its own brand “Rarog”, the plant produces a series of tactical equipment including pouches for body armor and belt-shoulder systems. Download the catalog “Rarog”: […]

«Defense Express» ІСС

Information and Consulting Company «Defense Express» specializes in providing information and consulting services.   For 15 years, we have systematically highlights the military-industrial policy, military cooperation and defense policy and national security.   Today the company works with more than 100 companies and organizations in Ukraine and abroad. In particular «Defense Express» provides its services […]


Group business that helps Ukrainian military in the area ATO. The main products – a high-tech guidance system intelligence and artillery systems (including unmanned flying vehicles) and equipment for soldiers. The system allows you to quickly and accurately strike enemy positions, and provides highly accurate cartography that the military could target areas. System «ARTA» solves […]

«Adron» R&D Ltd

«Adron» Research and Development Company («Adron» R&D Ltd) is a design bureau and has all conditions for scientific work. Our company had gathered highly qualified and experienced staff, which generates new ideas. We have base for laboratory investigation, experimental sample production and test facilities. To realized our activities we possess state license for the development, […]

RPC «Temp-3000»

Research and Production Enterprise “Temp-3000” on the market since 1989 and deals exclusively with its core business – the production of individual and collective body armor. The company has its own production of ballistic materials broneplastyn all classes of protection, concealed body armor and outer wear, suits modular and special-purpose helmets, special fabrics and military […]

«UA.RPA» Ltd.

Ukrainian Agency for scientific and technological development bases its activities on the principles of flexibility, speed and adaptability to real conditions. As a company with development and implementation of high technology, we prefer a horizontal network approach to business, rather than vertical horizontal coordination and management focusing on achievement of qualitatively new changes. Working for […]

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