Services for participants

The League offers its members protection of interests, promotion of private defense industry products in the domestic and international markets, participation in the work to create decent business conditions. The work of the League includes:

  • Legal support;
  • Marketing support;
  • Media support;
  • Development of internal cooperation;
  • Information and analytical support;
  • Lobbying for joint ideas and projects;
  • Development of international relations through a network of similar associations of foreign states.

Marketing support:

Placement of product data | opportunities of the enterprise on the resources of the League (site, booklets, information resources of partners);

Participation in the works of exhibitions (presentations) of the League (in booklets, presentations, information messages, banners, photo | video products of the League);

Lobbying of the company’s products within the framework of non-public communication channels of the League (in case of competitive contradictions with other members of the League for the same type of products after their elimination, detailed discussion within the League);

Use of the reputation image of the League.

Legal support:

Acquaintance with changes in the legal framework, providing legal advice (except for economic disputes between members of the League);

Promotion of regulations, laws, preparation and promotion of decisions for constructive work with the public sector:

  • on land relations and real estate
  • on export control
  • on the protection of intellectual property rights

Media support:

Coverage of the company’s activities on the resources of the League;

Participation in public events of the League (presentations, press conferences)

Organization in the media of publications and TV stories about companies and their products

Participation in League information campaigns (project, ie specifically targeted campaigns are developed and implemented separately)

Support for the development of internal cooperation:

Creating conditions for the formation of internal (within domestic projects) cooperation by providing information about partners, the capabilities of the enterprise, as well as lighting and lobbying for joint projects. Registration of developments of the enterprises in the uniform register;

Wide presentation of projects and opportunities for government agencies through non-public communication of the League.

Development of international relations through a network of similar associations of foreign states:

Search for markets;

Presentation of products through foreign representations of the League;

Work with foreign associations in order to develop international cooperation.

Inclusion in special databases of opportunities of the defense industry of Ukraine:

Inclusion in the register of products (developments and productions);

Formation of proposals and opportunities for joint development and production projects within the League;

Carrying out inventory of technologies and productions;

Formation of lists of critical technologies, materials and components for the creation and production of promising and new models of defense products.