«TechImpEx» SPC Ltd

The Scientific-Production Company “TECHIMPEX Ltd” is a Ukrainian private sector company, founded in 2003. The main fields of the Company’s activities are manufacture, repair, upgrade, sales and disposal of the military equipment and military weapon, as well as non-military fire arms, ammunition, cold weapon and air gun weapon. Techimpex has evolved from a contractor for renovation and repair of automotive, armored and engineering vehicles to a system integrator in the field of comprehensive military equipment modernization supported by the Company’s in-house R&D capabilities.

SPC TECHIMPEX Ltd is registered with the State service of export control of Ukraine as an entity engaged in foreign economic activities with military goods and dual use goods.

The SPC “TECHIMPEX” Ltd is a member of the State Defence Acquisition Program, for the last year the Company has performed for the Ministry of Defence, State Border Guard Service, National Guard, and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine upgrade and repair of over 200 units of armoured vehicles such as BTR-70, BTR-70Т, BRDM-2Т, BMP-1, BTR-80, BMP-1, BMP-2, BAZ-5937, BAZ-5939, UTD-20 engines and fuel pumps; upgraded vehicles of BTR-70Т, BRDM-2Т, MTO-BTR, MES-BTR, TRM-BTR, PZM-2М, BMP-1 were supplied to foreign and domestic markets.

The Company has its own production and repair facilities with the area of 8 ha in Kyiv Region, Yahotyn District. The professional level of more than 250 specialists and implemented international quality control System ISO 9001 allow to perform works in due time, effectively and with high quality.

The Company’s experts developed design and engineering documentation; they mastered upgrade of APC BTR-70 to BTR-70T, BRDM-2 to BRDM-2T, MTLB and MTLBu to MTLB-T-ZU-23-2 configurations respectively.

Now the Company offers upgrades of BTR-60, BMP-1, ZiL-135, weapon station BAU-23-2Т, sight device TIMP71.

Techimpex, leveraging its extensive expertise in the upgrade of combat equipment, developed and built a concept prototype of an armored personnel carrier designated VARAN which it unveiled at Kyiv Arms and Security Expo – 2015. The VARAN APC is built to the same layout as modern wheeled armored personnel carriers such as Patria/Rosomak AFVs, Otocar ARMA 8×8 or FNSS PARS 8×8. The idea is to build a state-of-the-art APC with enhanced capabilities in terms of mobility, maneuverability, crew comfort and repairability to allow it to operate effectively on the modern battlefield and at the same time to offer customers a vehicle at available price.

The in-house R&D bureau of the SPC Techimpex Ltd is set to develop a full lineup of vehicles based on the VARAN platform, including C2, communication, 120 mm automatic mortar, medical evacuation vehicle and an armored recovery vehicle. The VARAN APC, due to its layout design offers a highly versatile platform for a fire support vehicle armed with remote controlled and manned weapon stations accommodating 30-mm cannon, 23-mm twin-barrel 2A7M cannons, 7,62-mm PKT machinegun, 12.7 mm NSVT machinegun and Barrier ATGM launcher in various combinations) and other configurations.

The Company is engaged in exporting of spare parts, units and aggregates, as well as military equipment through the authorized companies of the State Company “Ukroboronprom”.

The Company by itself imports spare parts and components for military weapon and military equipment. For this purpose, in compliance with the international standards the Company is authorized to provide the End User Certificate and the International Import Certificate for the goods to be purchased for its own requirements and intended to be used for production, repair or upgrade of military equipment and military weapon.

The Scientific-Production Company “Techimpex” Ltd welcomes potential customers for cooperation. Its engineering and technology capabilities coupled with broad experience and expertise will help you to enhance and improve your capabilities.