«Sivertex» JSC

Unitized tent CSS-56/2005, design 1956/2005 year, intended for health purposes, as well as barracks for temporary housing

Tent CSS-56/2005 has a roof ridge, vertical walls, two entrances, platforms, twelve windows on the walls, two smoke-deflecting holes, hanging wall insulation and tackle set for installation.

Main tent sizes of  CSS-56/2005

№p / n Title indicators Outsidetent Insidetent
1 Length, m 9,76 9,6
2 Width, m 6,26 6,10
3 Height side wall, m 1,75 1,75
4 The height of  the roof  ridge, m 3,55 3,31
5 The floor area, m2 53,50
6 The cubic capacity of the air, m3 138,00


placing the wounded on stretchers – 30 people;

placing people on separate beds – 20 people;

placing on the floor or on a common bunk – 40 people, and the double-decker bunk – 80 people;

using the tent as personnel decontamination station – 16 showers.

The tent weight should be no more than 455 kg.


ТУ зміни 1,2 УСБ