How to become a member of the League

Admission to participation in the League involves submitting the following documents:

– Applicants for legal entities:

statements of the enterprise, which is listed as full name, enterprise code / ID code, address / place of registration, contact details
original or certified copy of the decision (extract from the judgment) its highest governing body of the application for accession to the Union: minutes of the general meeting of members (shareholders), the decision of owners (founders) etc;
certified copy (skanversiya) document confirming state registration of legal entities: certificate of registration, an extract from the USR legal persons and individuals – entrepreneurs;
recommendation to the Member State.

– Candidates for individuals:

individual application and certified copy (skanversiyi) passport and registration card taxpayer individual;
recommendation member of the Union;
if an individual present in the Union shall be a representative, a notarized power of attorney representative individual, as well as certified copies of passport and taxpayer registration card of the representative individual.

The application can download from the following link:

Send your completed application and documents listed above
need by email:

or by mail at:
03057, Ukraine, m. Kyiv, vul.Metalistiv 15
“The League of Defense of Ukraine»