DIVEX Ltd company is one of the largest Ukrainian companies offering high-quality products of well-known foreign manufacturers in the domestic diving equipment market. The company’s main activity has been focused on diving industry.


DIVEX Ltd is the official supplier and distributor of a wide range of diving equipment for special underwater operations units, rescue teams and researchers:

– Military Rebreathers (closed and semi-closed circuit);

– SCUBA (open circuit apparatus);

– Breathing Apparatus for Helicopter Diver;

– Survival Egress Air and Passenger Short Term Air Supply System;

– Underwater Navigation Systems;

– A wide range of diving products (masks, fins, buoyancy compensation devices, regulators, and suspension systems, tanks etc.);

– All types of Diving suits (drysuits, wetsuits, special operation suits, rescue suits);

– Hydro-acoustic and wire underwater communications;

– Underwater lighting systems;

– Helmets and Full Face Masks;

– Umbilicals;

– Air Control System;

– Compressors and diving pumps;

– Equipment for underwater welding and cutting;

– Remote-controlled underwater vehicles for research and rescue;

– Diver propulsion vehicle or underwater scooters;

– Inflatable Buoyancy Units and Air Bags for Lifting;

– Diving containers;

– Multipurpose carrying systems.


The company has obtained exclusive rights from Aqua Lung Company to sell and service special diving equipment, including all modifications of «Amphora» rebreathers that have the appropriate codification in the Military Equipment List (Qualifier) and have been adopted by Armed Forces of Ukraine.


DIVEX Ltd has a wide network of service centers for the maintenance and repair of the equipment supplied by company.


The company has the experience of successful participation in state tenders for supplying diving equipment and cooperation with commercial organizations.