«Defense Express» ІСС

Information and Consulting Company «Defense Express» specializes in providing information and consulting services.


For 15 years, we have systematically highlights the military-industrial policy, military cooperation and defense policy and national security.


Today the company works with more than 100 companies and organizations in Ukraine and abroad. In particular «Defense Express» provides its services to such enterprises / companies as: SE “Plant. Malyshev “SPE” Athlone-Avia “GP” Lviv armored Plant “, JSC” Motor Sich “Spetstehnoeksport, Ukrspetstechnika, SE HMZ” FED “Ukrspetsexport CB” Ray “KP spark MiGremont, plant” Arsenal ” Research Institute “Quantum”, NSDC Kinteks (Bulgaria), Sagem (France), PCO SA (Poland) and others. «DEFENSE EXPRESS» is a partner of SC “Ukroboronprom.” The company has long presentation promotes quality products Ukrainian defense enterprises in a number of international exhibitions of arms and military equipment. Defense Express is a traditional partner of the exhibition “Arms and Security” and “AVIASVIT” (Ukraine), MSPO (Poland), ADEX (Azerbaijan) and several other special events held in the world.

«Defense Express» and many years interacting with representatives of foreign embassies accredited in Ukraine in the organization of various events in favor of promoting mutually beneficial interstate and international cooperation.


The company motto:  Man, Technology and Engineering guard peace and prosperity.


Company Mission:  Promote the defense, security and development in Ukraine through a combination of human capabilities, equipment and technologies.

Products & Services Company

– consulting services to promote defense products in the domestic and foreign markets (comprehensive measures of advertising and information support, targeted search for foreign partners and preliminary consultations, representation of foreign clients in Ukraine and Ukrainian customers in several foreign countries, organizing targeted events);

–  specialized information products:

Categories of target consumer groups:

– those who make decisions in the field of security and defense;

– Ukrainian and foreign defense industry companies;

– consumers of military products in Ukraine and abroad;

– Representatives of the defense agencies of foreign countries.


Business philosophy:

– the company subordinated to the interests of defense, security and economic development of Ukraine;

– promoting mutually beneficial military-technical cooperation with foreign states Ukraine

– work with foreign companies – a new possibility for the defense and development of the defense industry of Ukraine;

– consumers of products and services companies have new opportunities to meet their material and non-material needs, achieve their goals through competence of our personnel;

– competitive as a company created through self-realization and self-improvement of its employees, the company in turn promotes growth of material well-being of employees, improve their social status in society and self-realization;

– making a step towards partners, we wish him well and hope for reciprocity.