«Radionix Ltd»

«Radionix Ltd» is one of the most dynamically developing companies of Ukraine in the market of development, modernization and production of radar, navigation and radio communication systems. The enterprise is focused on development of the newest radar control systems for air traffic and landing, meteorological radars with the use of modern microelement base and high technologies at all stages of design and serial production of high technology products.
The main activities of the company are:
– The modernization of radar control systems for air traffic and landing;
– Development and production of meteorological radar;
– Development of radar systems for synthesizing aperture.

Besides functionally complete systems, the company is the market serial microwave modules and integrated products for various purposes in the frequency range up 40HHts:

– precision low-noise block coherent master oscillator to pulse-Doppler radar systems;

– nadshyrokosmuhovi blocks forming complexes interfering signals from AIM, FM and FM;

– nadshyrokosmuhovi low-noise amplifiers up to 200 W / octave;

– two-way radio connected to, radar systems, electronic warfare systems;

– digital receiver with instant analysis to strip ΔFmhn = 1GHz and implementation of FFT algorithms in real time;

– power digital processing radar information with the implementation of digital algorithms to synthesize an antenna aperture and spectral correlation analysis.