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LCC «Radionix»

ТОВ «Радіонікс» є однією з українських компаній, що найбільш динамічно розвиваються на ринку розробки, модернізації та виробництва систем радіолокації, навігації та радіозв’язку. Підприємство орієнтоване на розробку новітніх радіолокаційних систем управління повітряним рухом і посадкою, метеонавігаційних РЛС з використанням сучасної мікроелементної бази і високих технологій на всіх етапах проектування і серійного виготовлення наукомісткої продукції.  Основними напрямками […]

PJSC «STE «Electronprylad»

Public Joint Stock Company STC «Electronprilad» (formerly known branch of ASTC «Antonov», KBKP, NGO «Electronpribor», STC «Electronprilad») in accordance with the order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR №2932 from 20.10.1962 was founded in 1962 on the basis of the department ASTC «Antonov» automated control systems by a talented designer and organizer Igor […]

JSC «Motor Sich»

The enterprise history began in 1907 and extends back over 100 years. Company manufactures reliable aircraft engines and gas turbine power plants which considered to be competitive in the world market. Enterprise production operates on aircrafts and helicopters of various applications in more than 100 countries worldwide. Development and commissioning of state-of-the-art technology, basing on […]

PJSC «Ramzay»

Joint Stock company “RAMZAY” is research and development company specialized on unmanned aviation and helicopters. We have development programs and projects in the areas of UAV structural design, aircraft’s control systems, autopilots and optoelectronics. Our specialists are also developing and installing helicopter’s protection system from hand launched missiles and guns. ​  

LCC «Research and Development Company «Adron»

Adron R&D Ltd. is a design bureau and has all conditions for scientific work. Our company had gathered highly qualified and experienced staff, which generates new ideas. We have base for laboratory investigation, experimental sample production and test facilities. To realized our activities we possess state license for the development, modernization, repair and realization of […]

LLC «Aviation Company «Vektor»

LLC Aviation Company VEKTOR, established in 2017, is working on the creation of a modern light multipurpose 4-seater VM-4 Shmel helicopter and its modifications. Creativity, the use of innovative solutions and modern materials, deep design study and the desire to create an aircraft that meets the requirements of the modern aviation market – this is […]

LCC «UkrTechAvia»

LCC «UkrTechAvia» one of few import substitution companies that began to manufacture aircraft components and bearings in accordance with international standards. Metal processing is our main profile. The concept of «UkrTechAvia» company is in its name – we produce bearings, air components, normalized fixture and also any complexity production:-for control units; -for aircraft engines; -for […]