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LCC «SKAETON Aviation Production Company»

  Aviation Production Company “Skyeton” was founded by a group of engineers and pilots in 2006. The company develops and supplies unmanned aerial systems for numerous aerial solutions. Our vision is to develop highly automated aerial platforms, designed to continuously perform complicated applications in extended and distant environments. Our mission is to provide full-scope aerial solutions both […]

LCC «SPE «Athlon Avia»

Athlon Avia Scientific – Production Enterprise produces the best UAS since 2013 and is a leader in the field of unmanned systems in Ukraine. Our solutions have clear terms of reference and designed to perform tactical military missions, including intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, reconnaissance, and artillery fire adjustment. For several years, the Unmanned Aviation System of artillery […]

LCC «Infocom Ltd»

INFOCOM LTD applies innovative technologies and solutions to automate production processes, optimize operations and improve safety at industrial enterprises. We help enterprises become more efficient. What are we doing We specialize in the application of innovative technologies, energy distribution solutions and implementation of software products that provide automation and complete information about current processes. Our […]

LLC «Miltek-C»

Developer of unmanned ground complexes and systems for detection and identification of inconspicuous targets.